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Experienced and diverse professionals from real assets, finance and technology.

Renewables Expertise

RealPort's expert team enables direct access to affordable single-asset renewable energy investment and co-investment opportunities alongside reputable asset managers. RealPort and Scope’s combined due diligence and assessment ensures reputability of managers and credibility for each asset listed.


Dr. Martin Hintze

Former Partner , Goldman Sachs

Dr. Hintze has 20+ years of experience as an investment manager. Having served on the Supervisory board of companies across several industries including Renewable energy companies such as Ørsted, he is an invaluable guide for RealPort.

Jon Boles

Jon Boles, CFA

Former CFO, E.ON Italia

Jon is a sustainable real asset investment and finance professional with experience across the energy industry and asset management. He structured and arranged financing for infrastructure projects at Dresdner Kleinworts and served as the E.ON Group’s CFO in Italy.

Ralph drüppel

Ralph Drüppel

Former Head of Global Offshore Wind Development, E.ON

Ralph is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience across renewable project development and finance expertise on project as well as on a corporate level. Combining both, he has been responsible for developing international offshore and onshore wind portfolios for large utilities including asset management optimisation.

Eugene Zhuchenko

Fromer Senior Portfolio Manager at APG Asset Management

With 20+ years of experience, Eugene has been a board member in several renowned infrastructure companies and is the former CEO of Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association. He is a business developer and portfolio manager in the private equity infrastructure sector.

Gurpreet Gujral

Gurpreet Gujral

Former Director at the Macquarie Group

Gurpreet Gujral is a Managing Director at the Atrato Group and is responsible for leading the Renewable Energy investment strategy. Gurpreet has been part of the renewable energy industry for 15 years having worked in public and private capital markets. Prior to joining the Atrato Group, Gurpreet was a Director at the Macquarie Group, where he spent 7 years working in the principal investment team at the Green Investment Group (GIG) and in the Equities business as the lead renewable energy analyst.

Anthony Marsh

Anthony Marsh

Former Chair of the Investment Committee at UK Green Investment Bank

Tony Marsh has 35 years' experience investing into (particularly renewable) power projects and infrastructure throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia for banks and funds both private and public. Roles included setting up the UK’s, and world’s first, Green Investment Bank, and was Chair of the Investment Committee, and was a non-executive Director and member of the Investment Committee for a £1bn offshore wind fund, at the time the world’s largest renewable fund.

Scope Analysis logo

Strategic partner for analysis and asset manager assessment

With more than 20 years of experience, Scope Analysis is the leading European provider for fund ratings across alternative investment funds and asset manager assessments. Scope has conducted over 10,000 Quantitative Ratings, approximately 350 Qualitative Ratings/Assessments and 40 Asset Manager Ratings.

RealPort has partnered with Scope Analysis to ensure our investors have access to reliable data from a reputable and independent source as they perform their review of possible investments.

Compliance and Regulatory Coverage

RealPort’s risk and compliance team enables RealPort to adhere to strict GRC guidelines formulated alongside market leading partners that allow a fully integrated service offering and regulatory coverage for each transaction. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring transparency as a part of our core values and have set up a robust reporting infrastructure. ​

Sandra Kumhofer

Sandra Kumhofer

Former Director Regulatory, Finleap GmbH

Sandra is a lawyer with 10 years of experience in German, Austrian and European supervisory law. As Director Regulatory @finleap, Sandra has built up 18 FinTech companies in 5.5 years, 6 of which BaFin-regulated. In 2018, Sandra was selected as an expert in the European Commission's Expert Group Regulatory Obstacles to Financial Innovation (ROFIEG).​

Sandra is RealPort’s FinTech expert regarding regulatory setups, internal legal processes and compliance in the regulated financial industry.

Taylan Sahin

Taylan Sahin

Former CFO, American Express M&E

Taylan has 15+ years of experience in senior executive and entrepreneurial roles at various start-ups and digital finance organizations. As an accomplished business professional, Taylan knows what truly drives digital finance change and organizational transformation within the realms of eCommerce, IT, Security, and more specifically, FinTech.

As the organization’s CFO, Taylan facilitates critical internal processes and utilizes his vast expertise to convert strategic ideas into operational plans.

Societe Generale

Societe Generale

Issuing and paying agent for securitisation  services and ICSD Management

RealPort and Société Générale have partnered to enable institutional investors to subscribe to digital securities and manage these in traditional custody. Société Générale assumes the role of issuing agent for certificated securities, as well as managing the flow of funds between investors, the clearing and settlement depository (ICSD) and the issuer itself.

Solarisbank Logo


Strategic partner for banking, digital custody and  depository services

Solarisbank is a technology company with a full German banking license that provides digital bank accounts, KYC services and digital asset custody via API, ensuring that investor fiat deposits are handled safely, efficiently and in compliance with anti-money laundering regulation, reducing unnecessary overhead and cost.

NFS Logo

NFS Netfonds

Tied agent services for investment brokerage licenses

RealPort is licensed to broker securities to professional investors as a Bafin-regulated tied-agent of NFS Netfonds. The investment brokerage license may be extended to cover permissions for a bulletin-board style peer-to-peer trading platform, which will enable investors to sell/trade securities among  each other.

CSC Logo


Fund Administrator and Corporate Services for regulatory compliance

CSC is a leading provider of specialized administration services to alternative asset managers across a range of fund strategies requiring fiduciary and governance support.
RealPort has partnered with CSC to manage all aspects of fund administration, including accounting, corporate  secretarial, SPV Management, regulatory compliance, and investor reporting.

ISAE 3402 badge

Internal Controls System

ISAE 3402 - Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organisation​

International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) No. 3402 is an international assurance standard that allows public accountants to issue a report  on the controls at a service organization that are likely to impact the organization’s system of internal control over financial reporting.​

RealPort will obtain the ISAE 3402 Internal Controls Certification from an independent auditor.

Digital Technology and Security

Nearly all processes on the RealPort platform are governed by automated technology, ensuring maximum efficiency which lowers costs and fees. With that, IT security is of preeminent concern. RealPort maintains a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with German IT security requirements, overseen by a team with unparalleled experience in digital product development and engineering.​


Ekow Yankah

Former MD, Buongiorno

Ekow is a serial tech entrepreneur (> 20 years). He has successfully built fast growing tech organizations in the US, Asia and Europe. Ekow was part of the management executive board to IPO mobile-data and payment company Buongiorno, which was sold to NTT Docomoco. He is an expert in digital business engineering, product development and sales.​

As Founder, Ekow is the architect of RealPort’s operational and business model.

Krzysztof Gibas

Krzysztof Gibas


Krzysztof has proven leadership of engineering teams, tackling complex projects in fintech across a wide span of use cases for some of the most demanding customers, such as Ergo, Deutsche Bank, Scope Group and many more. He is a System and Software Engineer at heart and founding shareholder of Idego.

As CTO, Krzysztof is a leading figure in employee development as well as managing external partners, audits and software development principles.

Tomasz Salacinski

Tomasz Salacinski​

Former Chief IT Security, Polish Bank Asc.

Tomasz has more than 10 years of experience as an IT Security specialist. He has worked as an expert in a variety of government and corporate IT security emergency response teams. He gained experience on security in regulated sectors while working as a Chief IT Security Specialist at Polish Bank Association and a Secretary of the Polish Inter-banking Threat Intelligence Forum.​

At RealPort, Tomasz is responsible for implementing risk treatment plans and overseeing security operations.

Sebastian Michalowski

Sebastian Michalowski​


Sebastian is a skilled engineer in various software landscapes. Co-founder and CTO of the biggest polish social sites founded in 2004, he was responsible for back-end and performance improvements. He also co-founded Pixnet, a company focused on web projects. His interests lie in computer vision and machine learning and he is a certified Google Tensorflow developer. ​

Sebastian's expertise with Distributed Ledger Technology makes him an indispensable Ethereum Smart Contract Developer for RealPort​


Zeel Shah

Former Product Manager, Audience Form GmbH

Zeel is an Engineer by education and went to business school at Duke University. She has spent her career working for startups in strategy, digital marketing and product roles and has built products in the ad tech, content, mobile and messaging space.

At RealPort, Zeel has been instrumental in translating the legal/regulatory framework and partner requirements into product modules. She manages partner relationships (incl. KYC, banking, fund admin, and issuing agents) and is defining operational business processes.

Krzysztof Natalicz

Krzysztof Natalicz

Former Senior Software Developer/Team Lead, Idego GROUP

Krzysztof has over 10 years of experience working across different realms of development. He began working as a backend developer, evolving into a full stack and eventually a frontend developer. He has worked on a number of projects including Photoblog, which at its peak was one of the most popular social media sites in Poland. He also has a keen interest on the product side.

At RealPort, Krzysztof has been building the technology platform from day one and as CTO, is in charge of frontend development as well as technical product management.
Sebastian's expertise with Distributed Ledger Technology makes him an indispensable Ethereum Smart Contract Developer for RealPort​

Information Security

ISO 27001 ​- Information Security Management Audit

The ISO 27001 is the leading international standard that sets out specifications on Information Security Management System (ISMS).  This 3rd party validated certificate ensures best-in-class practices to identify and properly address relevant threats by embedding carefully tailored security controls into RealPort's infrastructure. RealPort has partnered with Tüv Süd, whose experienced auditors possess the accreditation and expertise to conduct ISO 27001 audits.

Market Outreach​

Ina Alice Kopp

Ina Alice Kopp​

Director, Markets

Ina is a fundraising professional with extensive experience in venture capital and entertainment finance.

Before joining RealPort, Ina was a venture partner in a number of early-stage VC funds in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and London. Ina also successfully ran a boutique fundraising advisory for ventures in FinTech, Clean Energy, and Entertainment sectors.

At RealPort, Ina is in charge of connecting asset holders with her vast network of international investors.