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At this time, RealDealFlow is a feature reserved exclusively for professional investors. However, please follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with any future changes, and feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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Jens Raiser

Head of Capital Markets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RealDealFlow?
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The RealDealFlow empowers professional investors to receive affordable co-investment opportunities in single renewable assets alongside reputable investors. Participants get preferred access to invest in small tickets and without lock-in period in sustainable operating assets with long-term contracted cashflows in the EU.

What does signing up for the RealDealFlow really mean? What am I committing to at this point? Can I cancel my membership?
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By signing up for the RealDealFlow above you are simply opting in to receive information about investment opportunities in sustainable single renewable assets with long-term contracted cashflows. You are not committing to any investments at this point. You can express interest in the assets we send you to be shortlisted for preferred access to detailed deal information and an opportunity to invest when we open subscriptions. You can opt out at any time.

How does it work?
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Tell us about yourself, your asset investment preferences and set up your credentials to the Realport platform


View existing opportunities on the Realport platform, and get notified about new deals meeting your criteria via email


Register your non-binding interest in an asset you like and get informed once the subscription is live!

Who can participate in the RealDealFlow?
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The offering is made exclusively in the form of private placements in certain jurisdictions outside the United States of America and only to investors who are not located in the United States, are not consumers within the meaning of article L.010-1 1) of the Luxembourg consumer code of 12 April 2011, as amended and which qualify as qualified investors within the meaning of Art. 2(e) of the Prospectus Regulation ("Qualified Investors"). Outside the United States, the PPNs will be offered and sold only in offshore transactions in compliance with Regulation S under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

How do I register my intent to invest?
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The RealDealFlow  functions as an email newsletter – once you complete registration, you will receive deal-on-deal information on assets that fulfill your preferences. Simply reply to the email to register your intent. You will then receive confirmation about your registered intent and be notified when the preferred subscription period for RealDealFlow members is live. Once live, you will have two weeks to formalise your investment before the assets are live to all.

How much time do I have to register my interest?
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Relevant information about any asset matching your preferences will be sent to you 4-8 weeks before it is scheduled to go live on the RealPort platform. Depending on the asset, you will have these 4-8 weeks to register your intent. We will inform you about the exact time you have as well as a last-call reminder before we close registrations of intent.

Once I express, is the intent to invest binding?
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Not at this stage. Your intent to invest is only indicative of interest. Once the asset is live, we will provide access to detailed deal information after which you have the option to make a commitment to invest by signing a subscription agreement, if you are admitted to the deal.

What are other benefits for the RealDealFlow?
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RealDealFlow members receive access to asset-level due diligence information, analysis provided by independent rating group Scope, insights and trends on sustainable infrastructure assets, in particular renewable trends as well the opportunity to interact with the managers of the assets.

Who are the people behind RealPort and what expertise do they have?
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Please refer to our About and Expertise sections for more information

How can I change my preferences once I have registered?
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Simply write to [email protected] to modify your criteria at any time.