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for Your Clients

Access leading sustainable investment managers
On a one stop shop white labelled platform
In a consistent compliance and transaction experience
With consolidated reporting and capital call management
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Set Up Your White-Labelled Platform

Set up your white-labelled offering with a curated selection of investment opportunities
Refer your clients to your website where they can sign up to discover deals
Request full data room access for interesting deals
View data room and evaluate deal (after a one-time NDA)
Digital KYC/AML and subscription
Subscription and payment on subscription closing
Receive distributions and reports on the same platform

Our Offering

Provision of a white-labelled online investment platform

Origination of 3rd-party funds/assets with SFDR classification Art. 8 and 9

Onboarding of intermediary funds/assets or recommended 3rd party funds


Manager assessment via independent third party

(Scope Fund Analysis GmbH)

Feeder set-up & administration per fund

(incl. compliance, accounting, and regulatory reporting)

Investor onboarding

(KYC, AML & MIFID II compliant investor qualification)

Transaction execution

(legal, custody, trustee, banking)

Consolidated reporting across multiple 3rd party funds

Capital call management

Distribution management


(asset offering, reporting, financial instruments)
Access to educational content about investing in renewables



Access to database of renewable
assets in Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a RealPort intermediary and set-up a co-branded white-label subdomain?

Between 2 and 12 weeks depending on the level of customisation requested by intermediary.

Does RealPort provide investment advice?​

RealPort does not provide investment advice. RealPort may however intermediate questions and information between sponsors and investors.​​

What financial instruments does RealPort use?​

PPNs (Profit Participation Notes) are subordinated, limited recourse participation rights constituting debt instruments for accounting purposes. Holders of the PPNs do not have company-related voting rights attached to the PPNs (unlike equity shareholders). Subject to cost we can add other instruments​

Who is the contractual party for your final investor?​

RealPort Trust SarL.​

How does RealPort manage client protection from other intermediaries and/or sponsors?​

Intermediaries cannot see investor lists of other intermediaries nor claim fees for investors other than those assigned to their approved investor list. Sponsors may gain​access to investor details (for KYC purposes) only if investors transact.​

How are repeat transactions managed?​

All investor transactions are attributed to the corresponding intermediary according to the approved investor list for the duration of the intermediary agreement and a​successive 12-month term.​

How does RealPort manage intermediary fees/payments?​

After trustee approval, RealPort Trust SarL transfers fundraising proceeds to the target asset and the resulting broker fees to RealPort Broker GmbH, who in turn pays the intermediary within 10 days.​