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Special Report

Winning in Green Energy’s Age of Inflation

Inflation in the renewables industry and how it will impact asset holders and investors

Research conducted by the Tamarindo Group.
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Winning in Green Energy’s Age of Inflation

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Executive Summary

In this special report, we look at the potential impacts of inflation and interest rate rises on renewable energy owners, operators and investors in Europe.

Challenges for companies in the renewable energy sector include how to cope with rising costs of raw materials, energy and transport, which make it more expensive to build new projects. These challenges will be exacerbated by ongoing problems in the renewable energy supply chain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; and rises in costs of borrowing as central banks seek to raise interest rates to curb inflation.

We consider how these emerging financial threats will affect firms in the renewables industry, and share views on which companies will be winners and losers in this new environment. We also share insights on how companies can mitigate their risks.

Table of Contents

  • 01

    Executive summary

  • 02


  • 03

    Global growth in the noughties

  • 04

    Where we’ve come from (2010 to 2021)

  • 05

    Where we’re going: a new paradigm

  • 06

    Inflationary challenges for renewables

  • 07

    Winners and losers in the age of inflation

  • 08


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